ayebydantales (ayebydantales) wrote,

a shadow of pity

Title: A Shadow of Pity DW| LJ |AO3 |
Characters/Pairing: Thor/Jane Foster, Loki
Disclaimer:I own nothing
Word Count:100
A/N: set as thor, jane and loki's journey to Svartalfheim.
Summery: Loki no longer cares for Thor but he cannot help but feel pity for Jane as the power consumes her.

Loki feels bad for Jane. That would shock his brother but he does. He can feel the magic coursing through her veins and it scares even him. It is too powerful. Too dangerous. Loki knows he is far superior to Jane and he would not dare take on such power. She will not make it. Thor will mourn and his wrath will cross the universe. Just a few years ago that might have made Loki feel bad for his brother but that time is past. For now he tries to soothe Jane with his magic. She has not wronged him.
Tags: fic: marvel cinematic universe, mcu: jane foster, mcu: loki, mcu: thor, pairing: thor/jane
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